Handspun Designs

Discover your own creativity with the ancient - yet timeless - art of hand spinning

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Workshops & Tuition

The Workshops and tuition take place in my own studio in the heart of the Pennines. I keep the numbers of each workshop to four if possible, which gives me the opportunity for a more individual approach.

Usually workshops are run on Fridays and Saturdays - but I can
do other days if it is more suitable.

The day workshops aim to cover the basics of wool spinning including preparation of suitable sheep fleeces and how to use a wheel and other equipment.

There will be demonstrations of the processes ranging from carding the raw fleece to a finished yarn.

We will begin the day by preparing some fleece and working through the stages required to achieve a quality yarn.

The aim is to teach the basic skills, and hopefully to inspire you
to explore the creativity of this, perhaps the most tactile of all crafts.

If you have your own wheel or other equipment please feel free to bring it along with you.

The cost of the workshop is £65.
This includes all materials and equipment, lunch, and tea, coffee or soft drinks throughout the day.

One to one tuition is available, if you would prefer.

Please telephone or email me for availability of dates and any other information you require.